Keenen MagiK

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All Day (Jam Sessions)


The Magik


EP Coming Soon

The Tragik EP


2013 WSU battle of the bands: 1st place

The Magik - Prod. by Adam/James Jones

Performance @ Knitting Factory on 2/3//13


Keenen Magik is a dynamic, revolutionary hip hop band.

  An electric guitar with distorted screams and capturing progressions, draws its roots from, and positions you in an alternative rock feel.

  A rhythm section filled with soul capturing bass plucks, playful bells, and a heart melting saxophone displays an influence of Jazz.                          

  A radiant female vocalist that demands your attention, makes her presence felt with saturated harmonies and hair raising tones, suggesting you reconsider who you thought they were. 

  The rudimentary, insightful content, and charismatic delivery of the lyrics, coupled by a rap style syncopation of snare and kick drum, pierce through and declare evolution of Hip Hop music in 2013. 

This is Keenen Magik.

This unique blend of rhythm and melody has been cultivated as a collage of natural forces, allowing it to become something organic in itself. Being a compliment of the energies that this world has provided. A reflection of life; as a shadow is to light, waves to wind, flower to spring, and art is to man. This is the inter-weaving of contrasts, a well-nourished, living and growing, re presentation of the symphony that is nature. A collective of local exotic flavour; produced by the landscape and amplified by time.

To compare the dynamics of a snow flake, distracts you from the beauty that is the snow flake. To appreciate it for its uniqueness, avoiding measure and placing structure is when its essence becomes visible. 

This is not an attempt to become, just to be.