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   -Jack Endino 

   "Get lost with  Astrol Waters on a psych-jazz odyssey that gracefully layers spoken verses over a spacey and harmonious instrumentation. Playing at this year’s VanFest, the self-described “psychedelic jazz improv collective” have been part of the Seattle scene since 2015. Citing influences ranging from Zappa to Tupac, you can catch them on August 19 at VanFest Seven (Maple Valley Food Bank Benefit)"

  -Distinction Music Management,, 2017

"free flow poetry over unformed yet tuneful and cerebral passages"

  -Ben Nipper, KEXP , 2017

"Astrol Waters is two guitarists making soft ambiance, a nest of diverse alt percussion, and front person/ emcee/ poet sliding a lyrical bubble that part freestyle, part bars, through a vocal filter into the listeners souls. Astrol Waters represents a neighborhood of underground rap very often swept under the rug of people who listen to underground rap. The lush, dynamic and shockingly organic musical pieces performed live is a mechanism shockingly under-utilized in music, and Astrol Waters is a fountain of it." 

  -Distinction Music Management, 2017


                           High Dive / Fremont / Jan 27                  
                    Real Art Tacoma / Tacoma / Jan 12
                                              Real Art Tacoma / Tacoma / Oct. 20                          
      Listen: VanFest / Maple Valley / Jul.19    
                                Lo-Fi Main / Seattle / Jun 22                          
                      Listen: Sonarchy Radio / Jack Straw Studio / Apr. 8
          Lo-Fi Gallery / Seattle / Feb 16
          Skylark Club / Seattle / Dec 23
             Central Saloon / Seattle / Oct 26
               Central Saloon / Seattle / Sept 29
         Saltgrass / LaConnor / Aug 20
        Blue Moon / Seattle / April 17
              Darrells Tavern / Seattle / Feb 2
        Tims Tavern / Seattle / Nov 12
                              Greenwood Street Fair / Seattle / August 11
            Beats N Bohos /  Seattle / July 7


    LIVE August 20 2017

Astrol Promo - Seattle, Wa - 2/10/17



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Digitial: Cosmic Primitive
 Physical: Sonic Boom Records, Seattle 

Recorded by Jack Endino at Soundhouse Studio 
Released 12/16 on Cosmic Primitive Records