Keenen MagiK

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City: Seattle, Wa 
Style:  New Pysch Jazz Rap  

     This is the colliding of forces, a collective of artists who have an agreement among one another that the only predetermined known of their collaboration is, improvisation; always. Creating without answering to father time; only allowing mother earth to inspire spontaneously. Where creation instantly reacts to inspiration. Revealing the aesthetic of jazz, with the elements of psychedelic rock and rap. An authentic and genuine new sound. With many combined seasons of wisdom notched, this band looks to make rock and roll history.    

PAST DATES                                                                                                                                                                    

Listen: VanFest / Maple Valley / Jul.19                             
                    Listen: Sonarchy Radio / Jack Straw Studio / Apr. 8
         Lo-Fi Gallery / Seattle / Feb 16
          Skylark Club / Seattle / Dec 23
            Central Saloon / Seattle / Oct 26
              Central Saloon / Seattle / Sept 29
         Saltgrass / LaConnor / Aug 20
      Blue Moon / Seattle / April 17
              Darrells Tavern / Seattle / Feb 2
       Tims Tavern / Seattle / Nov 12
                             Greenwood Street Fair / Seattle / August 11
            Beats N Bohos /  Seattle / July 7


    Tim's Tavern - Seattle, Wa - 9/17/16

Astrol Promo - Seattle, Wa - 2/10/17



Purchase Astrol Waters debut Album!
Recorded by Jack Endino at Soundhouse Studio 
Released 12/16 on Cosmic Primitive Records

@ Sonic Boom Records, Seattle