Keenen MagiK

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Keenen Magik - Artist, Poet, Producer, and Philosopher

 Born Tyerall Keenen Magic Berry in Edmonds Wa  June 28 

    His Father an Engineer, and Mother a Cosmetologist, they both encouraged his draw toward music and visual arts.

Growing up in the Northwest, Keenen was fascinated by Seattle's culture and aura.     He remains intrigued by the town's brewing entertainment arena, and arts communities; and loves that he can call it home.    

  The youngest of five children, he was submerged into the trends of popular culture long before he stepped on the school bus. "Scrubbin my 'LA Gears'  before school one day, my dad turns up the bathroom radio, and that's how I found out. I cried when I heard Tupac Shakur had died. At six! For real; he was my Idol Yo", he recalls.

   Leaving high school, and his hometown, off to college and remaining captivated by the power of words in music, Keenen continued his study of  language, academically achieving his bachelors of arts degree in Philosophy in 2013. Meanwhile, he had began performing around campus at open mics, talent shows, and house parties in 2011. Leading to the release of his first project in 2012 'Easy on the Ears', Keenen was awarded an opening performance with a touring band, 'New Boyz' at the Knitting Factory. After gaining attention of local concert promoters, he rallied together an all star line up of student musicians and  artists to help present his message with the energy of live instrumentation.

  Delivering a truly unique, well versed tone of Jazz, and Rock and Roll, to match his sleek construct of pungent syllables, the cast of talented musicians was a remarkable, and memorable collaboration. Earning much praise from local venues and colleges, winning first place at WSU's Battle of the Band competition, awarded $500 and an opening spot for Mac Miller April 2013. 

   Keenen embraced his on stage experience leaving his college residence and returning to his hometown in 2013, proved to mark a chapter in his career as he began to really understand the evolutionary sound instruments had to offer.  

In 2014, Keenen established live instruments such as guitar, drums, harmonica, and keyboard into his production process. His growing strength as a producer has lead him to experience a musical enlightenment as both, a fan and artist. Taking up his particular interest and desire for the guitar, Keenen intends to take on the new year with a fresh sound, coupled with an "instinctual approach" to music.             

    Not to mention his collaborative projects, Astrol Waters, Keenen intended to appeal to a much larger audience through a wide range of expression with his anticipated third full length album, 'New Moon Tape'. Released September 30, 2016 at Mezzanine records in Ballard, Wa.